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About Commercial Coverage Insurance Agency

Commercial Coverage Insurance Agency is based on a simple concept that is too often overlooked: We work for YOU!  As your Risk Manager and Advisor, our mission is to “Take CARE of Business”.  At CCIA we are advisors and consultants, not just insurance brokers. What’s the difference? Insurance is a component of risk management, not the only solution to risk. We provide counsel and advice on complex business and people issues that go far beyond the scope of an insurance policy. We provide tools, resources, and services with excellence and unsurpassed ethics.

Corporate Creed

  • It takes months to find a client, and seconds to lose one.
  • Customer Service is not a department, it's an attitude.
  • If we don’t take care of our clients someone else will.
  • Service doesn’t come from a manual, it comes from the heart.

Core Values

Being a Professional is what our clients expect us to be. It’s who you want to be and who you want on your team. A Professional understands what it takes to be successful in business and focuses on what matters most: the clients, integrity, education, collaboration, accountability, hard work and commitment to reach our goals as an organization.

Being Passionate. This must be your calling, it’s not a job but a chosen path you are excited to see all the through to reach yours and our goals. Passionate teams are able to move mountains through collaboration and self-support. Colleagues who are excited to part of the process add value to the Agency, and are crucial to the creation ofgreat companies. We are a great company with passionate people who are dedicated to being successful, continuing to learn, end are considered to be thought leaders, valuing the culture we have created.

Being Profitable is the preverbal bottom line of course. However, profitability is not created without a holistic approach to our business and how we work. Profitability is having clients and prospects that appreciate our process and value the results we provide. We are their trusted advisor and they would not consider leaving the agency due to the value we bring to their business. We have created a solution that cannot be replicated by any other agency based on how we work for our clients. We are their trusted advisor and they consult with us on their major business decisions. 

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Our Locations

Corporate Office

388 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
Main office: 415-436-9800
Toll free: 877-776-5900
Fax: 415-520-0297

San Rafael

999 5th Avenue, Suite 590
San Rafael, CA 94901
Main office: 415-436-9800
Toll free: 877-776-5900
Fax: 415-520-0297

Our Providers


Libby is our Certificate of Insurance / Additional Insured Goddess. Managers, always forward your requests from new clients needing such directly to her.

I have been using Commercial Coverage Insurance Agency for over 10 years. Not only do I have my Personal and Business coverage placed by Commercial Coverage but several of my client’s coverage as well. The staff is knowledgeable, the quotes are competitive and the service is top notch. If you want a partner you can trust in the insurance business, Commercial Coverage Insurance is the right choice for all of your insurance needs.

Thank you're the best!

I would like to extend a very hearty thanks to you and the ComCov team that worked on this. We received our loan commitment yesterday, thanks significantly to what ComCov did to provide insurance services. On a very tight time frame, ComCov was able to deliver. That effort went a long way towards getting this deal to the finish line.

You guys were so amazing on our photo finish that Friday! Now we want to add to our coverage. We would like a personal injury policy, and as well, we need an umbrella policy for all our properties. thank you!