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Property Managers & Asset Manager Programs

As a property manager your business risk is extremely complicated. You wear many different hats in the course of your day. In addition to overseeing the maintenance, security and overall welfare of the properties you manage, you may also function as a leasing agent, real estate agent, appraiser, consultant or a construction manager. At Commercial Coverage Insurance Agency, we understand your challenges and have customized our AIM Process To Risk Management for property and asset managers to help identify areas of risk and pinpoint how it’s managed or overlooked.

Working with our Advisors to complete our AIM Process to Risk Management and utilizing our Risk Management Dashboard for Property Managers you will have a plan of attack to manage your business risk, uncover any deficiencies with your current coverage and offer a new program based on best practices in risk management strategies.

Common Coverage Topics

• General Liabilities
• Errors and Omissions
• Directors and Officers
• Business Auto
• Workers Compensation
• Employee Benefits
• Employment Practice Liability

Other items that are typically overlooked as part of your business risk are Tenant Discrimination and Cyber liabilities. During the application process, the applicant not yet under a lease, you face various discrimination risk as a property manager. A TDI policy can defend you through the application process. Once a tenant of the property, you are covered through owners policy if listed as an additional Insures.

If you collect and maintain your applications through your website and servers, you will also need to consider a Cyber Liability policy to protect your business from a data breach.  Increased government regulations have placed more responsibility on companies to protect clients’ personal information. In the event of a breach, notification of the affected parties is now required by law. This will add to costs that will also include security fixes, identity theft protection for the affected and protection from possible legal action.

Additional Tools Needed

As the property or asset manager of an investment fund, you will need a tracking tool to manage all the vendors you have working for you and your property owners. Our Additional Insured Tracking Tool will allow you to manage your vendors and owners certificates for the additional insured status. By being listed as an Additional Insured on their policy, you are award coverage and defense from their policy, it’s your get out of jail free card! Let’s keep track of those.

The SureFit Rating System was developed for real estate professionals to have a trusted source for accurate insurance costs based on Low Cost to Best Coverage strategies available in the market place. Based on our simple assessment process you will receive an on-the-spot Indication of Insurance for you to use in your marketing & underwriting efforts. CHECK IT OUT…

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I would like to extend a very hearty thanks to you and the ComCov team that worked on this. We received our loan commitment yesterday, thanks significantly to what ComCov did to provide insurance services. On a very tight time frame, ComCov was able to deliver. That effort went a long way towards getting this deal to the finish line.

You guys were so amazing on our photo finish that Friday! Now we want to add to our coverage. We would like a personal injury policy, and as well, we need an umbrella policy for all our properties. thank you!

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