What Happened to Apartment Building Premiums!

Apartment Build Premiums

How did we get here? Increasing premiums, decreasing coverages and stringent underwriting for everything. Below are the levers causing our current hard market in the commercial property sector for insurance rates. Premium vs. Loss: Apartment/multifamily experienced an all-time low in premiums from 2012-2017. As insurance rates went from high to almost too good to last, […]

How Much Does Vacancy Actually Cost Your Commercial Real Estate Business?

neon light vacancy sign

Vacancy can cost you much more than just loss of renters! Did you know a “vacant” building is defined as a building on a permanent foundation, that is not intended for demolition, is completely vacant or unoccupied, and is not undergoing any repairs, restoration, or remodeling of any kind. Commercial property policies are underwritten based […]

What additional coverage should my Apartment Insurance Program cover?

apartment insurance

As a landlord, your insurance policy protects you in the event of a catastrophic loss. Your basic commercial insurance program should provide coverage for your building, rental income and your landlord liability. As you review your declarations page, you may find other line items providing some additional coverage. Based on your personal risk profile and […]

SFAA Upgrades and Value


A question we often hear at Commercial Coverage Insurance Agency: “We recently made some substantial upgrades to our units after some long-term tenants moved out. Do we need to tell our insurance provider about these upgrades? Is it likely to affect our premiums?” Upgrades to an apartment building come in many forms. Regular maintenance on […]

Am I Paying Too Much for My Apartment Insurance?

apartment insurance

The cost of apartment insurance varies greatly in today’s marketplace.  This is largely due to the fact that the inherent risk for property owners varies locally, regionally and nationally. So, the quality, scope and breadth of coverage is equally as diverse. The risk our San Francisco property owners face today such as wrongful eviction, earthquakes, […]