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Investment Property Programs

At Commercial Coverage Insurance Agency, our core practice is working with investment property owners, property managers, commercial real estate brokers and lenders in providing both low cost and best coverage insurance products based on your risk profile and budget.  Our proprietary modeling software, The SureFit Rater, simultaneously compares the low cost and best coverage programs enabling us to offer the best value for your budget with minutes.

Custom Insurance Programs for:

  • Apartment Buildings                            
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Properties
  • Mixed Use Properties
  • Industrial Properties
  • Hotel/Motel Properties
  • Special Use Properties


The SureFit Rating System was developed for real estate professionals to have a trusted source for accurate insurance costs based on Low Cost to Best Coverage strategies available in the market place. Based on our simple assessment process you will receive an on-the-spot Indication of Insurance for you to use in your marketing & underwriting efforts. CHECK IT OUT…


With a customized insurance program from Commercial Coverage Insurance Agency , your property will be accessed through our Property Profiling Process allowing us to review your current policies, point out any deficiencies and offer a new program based on best practices in risk management strategies. Our risk advisors can help you create a policy for a single location or a portfolio of properties to meet your specific needs and lender requirements.

Common Coverage Topics

  • Replacement cost or better for your property
  • Loss of income and extended periods of indemnity
  • Building ordinance coverage
  • Back up of sewers and drains
  • Landlord liabilities

Other items that are typically found on a Property Insurance policy can include Builder’s Risk insurance and Equipment Breakdown coverage. Builder’s Risk protects any materials or equipment from damage or loss sustained during construction or remodeling, while Equipment Breakdown, or Boiler and Machinery, keeps any electrical, electronic, or pressurized equipment on your premises insured from breakdowns or loss.

Advanced Risk Management & Cost Reduction Strategies

In some cases, your holdings may be large enough to a apply premium reduction strategy by utilizing a loss limit against the entire portfolio. When appropriate, our loss limit strategy can provide the same coverage with a substantial savings to your insurance cost, as much as 40% in some cases. To find out more about our Loss Limit Strategies, contact Commercial Coverage Insurance Agency today 

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Libby is our Certificate of Insurance / Additional Insured Goddess. Managers, always forward your requests from new clients needing such directly to her.

I have been using Commercial Coverage Insurance Agency for over 10 years. Not only do I have my Personal and Business coverage placed by Commercial Coverage but several of my client’s coverage as well. The staff is knowledgeable, the quotes are competitive and the service is top notch. If you want a partner you can trust in the insurance business, Commercial Coverage Insurance is the right choice for all of your insurance needs.

Thank you're the best!

I would like to extend a very hearty thanks to you and the ComCov team that worked on this. We received our loan commitment yesterday, thanks significantly to what ComCov did to provide insurance services. On a very tight time frame, ComCov was able to deliver. That effort went a long way towards getting this deal to the finish line.

You guys were so amazing on our photo finish that Friday! Now we want to add to our coverage. We would like a personal injury policy, and as well, we need an umbrella policy for all our properties. thank you!

Excellent. That’s almost a 50% savings! Call Corey… and you could save 50% or more on your multi-family insurance.

Samantha, Thanks for the quick response. You're a true professional.

Great guy, does a great job.

Steve Raffo Client
Dear Adriana: Thank you for your hard work. All docs signed. Thank you for getting me this emergency coverage.

Hi Corey, Thank you so much for trying to save me money! I’m still putting 2 children through college. I appreciate it!

Excellent. That’s almost a 50% savings! Call Corey…and you could save 50% or more on your multi-family insurance.

Thank you Libby for sending directly to Logix. That was amazing!

On more than one occasion, Commercial Coverage Insurance Agency has provided exemplary service. In my job in the commercial lending industry, I have reached out to ComCov many times usually under less-than-ideal conditions and ComCov has risen to an unusual challenge nearly every single time. From providing quotes to revising insurance certificates, ComCov is simply A+. They are also always competitive on premiums. No, I am not paid by Commercial Coverage. I am just honestly impressed by their very efficient machine.

Hello Adriana, From now on you will take care of all my insurance needs. LOL! you are so awesome! Quick and efficient. I love it.

Honestly, not to sound cheesy, but the reliable service your team provides is thank you enough. I constantly have clients who say they have insurance “taken care of” and then they call me in a panic when their guy drops the ball. I refer them to you, and I’m pretty sure you are batting 1,000%.