Apartment Build Premiums

What Happened to Apartment Building Premiums!

How did we get here? Increasing premiums, decreasing coverages and stringent underwriting for everything. Below are the levers causing our current hard market in the commercial property sector for insurance rates. Premium vs. Loss: Apartment/multifamily experienced an all-time low in premiums from 2012-2017. As insurance rates went from high to …

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neon light vacancy sign

How Much Does Vacancy Actually Cost Your Commercial Real Estate Business?

Vacancy can cost you much more than just loss of renters! Did you know a “vacant” building is defined as a building on a permanent …

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reflection of girl holding umbrella from puddle

Umbrella VS Blanket Insurance… Is There A Difference?

An Umbrella, a term for excess liability, is a policy which increases the limits of your primary general liability policy. As an example, if you …

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time lapse of cars on highway with residential buildings in back

What Is A Triple Net Lease? Be Careful Who Is Placing Your Policy

Did you know that a “Triple Net Lease” also known as NNN lease, is a lease in which the lessee pays rent to the lessor …

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demolished building from damage

Building Ordinance Coverage!

Building ordinance coverage is purchased as an endorsement, additional coverage, to provide coverage for three types of common building ordinance or law requirements that apply …

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aerial view of suburban neighborhood

E & O Are Not Just Vowels in the Insurance World

E & O… we are talking about Errors and Omissions insurance for professionals like YOU! E&O is malpractice insurance which provides physicians, attorneys, real estate …

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buildings in construction with lights

Everything Your Construction Business Needs to Know About Construction Coverage

Did you know there are a minimum of 3 types of policies in force during a construction project protecting your interest? The property is covered …

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man in suit in alley way

The BOP, It Is NOT A Dance!

Do you know, as a commercial property owner, your first line of defense from your commercial tenants is their BOP? (Business Owners Policy) The BOP …

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insurance interest

What is an insurable interest?

A person or entity has an insurable interest in something if loss or damage to it would cause that person a financial loss or an …

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apartment insurance

What additional coverage should my Apartment Insurance Program cover?

As a landlord, your insurance policy protects you in the event of a catastrophic loss. Your basic commercial insurance program should provide coverage for your …

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Rental Insurance

The Honest Policy

What you don’t know won’t hurt you, right? Why ask the question if you can’t stand the answer? I just assumed I was going to …

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Insurance Eviction

Are there different types of coverage for unlawful eviction suits, or is there a one-size-fits-all policy?

Wrongful or unlawful eviction is an insurable event under most general liability policies. Review your general liability policy, paying particular attention to the exclusions listed …

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man researching on laptop

What To Look For When Choosing An Insurance Rating

Know insurance ratings are important, but I don’t quite understand what I should be looking for. Can you help? As an industry standard, the A.M. …

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houses and community

How will an insurance policy differ between a standard apartment building versus a mixed-use apartment building?

  A commercial property insurance program provides a minimum of property and liability coverage. In some cases other lines of coverage may apply. For example, …

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destroyed property

Risk Management Strategies: Earthquake Insurance

As an investment property owner in the bay area, you are faced with many challenges in managing your business and keeping a healthy bottom line. …

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use at own risk sign

Risk Cycles Of Real Estate

When you think of the cycles of real estate, most think in terms of its fluctuating market value. However, in evaluating the risk cycle of …

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umbrella insurance

SFAA Umbrella Quest

A common question we receive: “Is an umbrella policy adequate protection from lawsuits? Or, should there be additional limited partnership entities existing? Our real-estate assets …

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SFAA Upgrades and Value

A question we often hear at Commercial Coverage Insurance Agency: “We recently made some substantial upgrades to our units after some long-term tenants moved out. …

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apartment insurance

Am I Paying Too Much for My Apartment Insurance?

The cost of apartment insurance varies greatly in today’s marketplace.  This is largely due to the fact that the inherent risk for property owners varies …

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blanket insurance

Be careful with your Blanket Limit Property Policy

Using a blanket limit policy on a real estate portfolio is ideal and has been readily available up until recently. In today’s hard market, a …

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paying too much


Problem to Solve: A renewal offer at 25% higher than last year – AGAIN. A referral to the agency had a portfolio of properties renewing …

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Committed to You

We are pleased to share significant news with you as part of our ongoing commitment to enhance our service. We have recently undertaken a transformative journey by aligning strategically with Acrisure, a dynamic and forward-thinking leader in the industry. Acrisure’s dedication to reshaping the insurance brokerage landscape perfectly complements our vision for the future.

Although our name has changed, our unwavering dedication to you, our valued clients, remains steadfast. We now operate as a distinct business unit within Acrisure. Our commitment to serving your insurance needs remains as strong as ever, and we eagerly anticipate many more years of partnership with you, your family, and your friends.