At Commercial Coverage Insurance Agency, the AIM Process to Risk Management is a risk reduction program used to identify and prioritize risk for business owners. This process allows us to provide our clients with strategies and resources to identify, manage, monitor, and control the probability and impact of losses to their organizations. Effective risk management strategies will reduce the overall cost of risk while improving safety, productivity and performance. Risk identification and prioritization should be an integral part of the decision-making process for every business. Our AIM Process is based on the following steps that will be conducted with one of our trusted advisors.

  • Assessment Process
  • Implementation Process
  • Management Process

Assessment Process: Our assessment process works with your management groups, advisors and other trusted members of your business team to complete a risk survey focusing on the three main categories of risk: business, strategic and hazard risk. The results of this survey will quantify a company’s risk, identify gaps in the current strategy and provide a road map for our implementation process through the use of our proprietary Risk Management Dashboard.

Business Risk – Risks affecting the day-to-day operations of the company
Strategic Risk – Risks affecting the value of the company in the future
Hazard Risk – Risks that would cause a physical loss to the company

Implementation Process: Based on our assessment, we will have identified both tangible and intangible risks to your organization. Through the use of our Risk Management Dashboard, we will then provide a visual representation of your current risk and potential gaps in coverage, categorize your level of risk, and map a risk management technique. Our Risk Management Dashboard is the basis for a game plan to implement our risk reduction techniques. Once completed, your Risk Management Strategy will be in place, and continued development and training programs will begin. The five techniques in managing risk are below.

  • Prevention
  • Mitigation
  • Transfer
  • Finance
  • Assumption

Management Process: After we implement our risk management strategies based on our Risk Management Dashboard, we apply the right services and recommendations based on the game plan. We provide advice, resources, and services that are the best practices to help our clients resolve the most complicated problems and manage ongoing improvements. The world around us is changing at a rapid pace, and your risk management strategy will need to be updated and reviewed as your business evolves.

Our AIM Process to Risk Management is a very dynamic process. Throughout the year we monitor and review the Risk Management Dashboard and update as needed. Each year we take our clients back through our AIM Process of Risk Management to update our Risk Management Dashboard and evaluate the results to update and modify the game plan as needed.

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