The BOP, It Is NOT A Dance!

man in suit in alley way

Do you know, as a commercial property owner, your first line of defense from your commercial tenants is their BOP? (Business Owners Policy) The BOP can provide coverage for:

  • General Liabilities, the business risk of the tenant.
  • 3rd Party Liabilities, slip, trip and falls.
  • Tenant Improvements, what they spend to build out the space.
  • Inventory Coverage, what they have in the space.

A BOP can be a very broad and comprehensive insurance program offering protection to a new tenant and their business. To YOU as the property owner, it is your primary defense against the most common risk of leasing to others. Make sure your tenants have a BOP and list you as an additional insured on their policy, it’s the least expensive way to protect your business from theirs!!

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