What To Look For When Choosing An Insurance Rating

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Know insurance ratings are important, but I don’t quite understand what I should be looking for. Can you help? As an industry standard, the A.M. Best Ratings are the benchmark for evaluating and comparing insurance companies. Directly from their website, www.ambest.com, “A Best’s Financial Strength Rating is an independent opinion of an insurer’s financial strength […]

Risk Management Strategies: Earthquake Insurance

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As an investment property owner in the bay area, you are faced with many challenges in managing your business and keeping a healthy bottom line. With fluctuating market valuations, interest rates, rental rates and expenses a property owner must really consider their long term investment strategy and disaster recovery plan to maintain a healthy business. […]

Risk Cycles Of Real Estate

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When you think of the cycles of real estate, most think in terms of its fluctuating market value. However, in evaluating the risk cycle of real estate, we are referring to changes in the asset itself from vacant land, through development and to a demolition or remodel project.  As the asset changes in use and […]


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Problem to Solve: A renewal offer at 25% higher than last year – AGAIN. A referral to the agency had a portfolio of properties renewing on 12/31 with a 25% increase in premium. With escalating premiums over the last 3 years, the client had enough. The existing broker provided no alternative options and expected just […]