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Inland Marine Insurance

Off-Site Protection for Your Valued Assets

Your products and equipment are the backbone of your success as a company. From transported goods and hauled equipment to storage items and even construction tools, it is important to keep your investments protected. With inland marine coverage, you can avoid damages sustained in the event of accidents, theft, vandalism, or total loss.

At Commercial Coverage Insurance Agency, we are dedicated to providing the coverage your business needs for the asset protection it deserves. Our inland marine policy insures that when your business is on the move, we will protect certain items, such as:

  • Transported Property
  • Computer Equipment and Data
  • Contractors’ Tools
  • Artwork
  • Buildings Under Construction

What Inland Marine Insurance Can Do for Your Business

No matter what business you are in, an accident can happen at any time. That is why it is important to have an inland marine policy from Commercial Coverage Insurance Agency to provide your business with the appropriate coverage it needs during transit.

Since inland marine insurance covers items outside of your standard business property insurance policy, having additional coverage to keep your equipment insured off-site is critical. This coverage can also extend to protecting your business’ goods or equipment when transported by ocean and air, also known as ocean marine insurance.

Contact an inland marine specialist at Commercial Coverage Insurance Agency today to find out how your business can insure its most valuable assets while working or traveling off-site.


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